Does Landscaping Increase Your Property Value?

Does Landscaping Increase Your Property Value?  Yes!  

With warmer days (finally) upon us and springtime in full bloom, your thoughts may be turning to projects on your home to-to list.  If you have several items that you would like to complete on a smaller budget, the good news is that home landscaping projects are worth the money you spend.  Trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers go a long way toward increasing your home's value both immediately and over time.

This home could shine with the right landscaping!

Here are a few tips to get you growing:

Even if you cannot complete your entire yard at once, it's still best to draw up a complete plan and then stick to it for several years.  A well laid plan will encourage a uniform look to your land.

 Think about including shade trees in that plan.  Placed correctly, over time they can reduce your cooling expenses by as much as 40%, besides their aesthetic qualities.

Consider plants such as perennials for your growing area.  They come back in greater numbers year after year.  In fact, within a few years you'll have so many that you'll find yourself dividing and trading with your neighbors.

A additional benefit to landscaping projects is that they get you active, outdoors and back in touch with the land!  Enjoy these nice days while they last!


Pontiac Regional Chamber Carnival and The Inside Realty Coloring Contest


      We just wanted to say thanks to the carnival organizers for inviting us to get involved! 

This was our first year, but it will not be our last!  It was great to connect with the community and receive positive feedback from our clients!  Thank you to all who stopped by our table.

To celebrate our new Inside Realty logo, we hosted a coloring contest.  We had so many great entries, it was hard to pick winners! Congratulations to our four Toys R Us gift card winners!

Hope that you were able to make it and had as much fun as we did.  If we didn't see you there, keep this event in mind for next year!

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