Landscaping for Everyone!

Gardening And Landscaping For Everyone To Try

Feeling inspired by the picture perfect landscapes in your neighborhood?  You can bring the beauty and goodness of flowers, fruits, and vegetables to your home, too! 
To begin - Make a Plan! 

The best way to move forward is to put your ideas in writing.  Make a list of your landscaping needs and wants.
Ideas to consider:
Vegetable Garden
Spend a day or so watching the path of light that the sun makes as it passes through your yard, then familiarize yourself with which plants like full sun and which prefer partial shade. 
Watch your wind and rain directions and patterns and plant with these in mind, too.
Remember, there is no need to feel overwhelmed, and mature landscapes are accomplished over many years.  Start out with a small area, if you don’t like what you've planted, you can change it right away, or just change it next spring.

The best thing to remember is to try something new. Be creative, and don’t worry too much, because it can always be changed.


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The Best Day Trips and Getaways in your Backyard

If you are thinking about day trips...


A custom winery located in nearby Northville. No appointment is needed, though you may want to check their hours first. They make custom wines, and let guests make their own. You can even make, taste, and bottle it yourself. Vine2Wine encourages you to bring friends or family for a delicious, fun, and entertaining time.
Check out their website at www.northvillewine.com for more information.

Heidelberg Project
This on-going art project is located in the heart of Detroit's east side. Tyree Guyton is the creator of the Heidelberg project and says that it's goal was to heal the community. It's working! Everyday visitors come to see the giant street-long artwork which is constructed of everyday objects...and houses and cars, of course. If you haven't been to the Heidelberg then I urge you to go and soak up some of the living history of Detroit. It's unlike anything else you will ever see.
Burchfield Park
Burchfield Park is located in Holt, which is part of south Lansing. If you are of the outdoorsy mindset then grab a partner and head to Burchfield. They have trails for hiking and biking, disc golf courses, swimming, fishing, and canoe and kayak rentals. Call ahead for availability on the canoes and kayaks, and keep in mind that state parks have vehicle entrance fees. On your next day off consider floating down the Grand River and rowing your troubles away.
Fitzgerald Park
Earlier this year I went to Mackinac Island and hiked the interior of the park to find the "skull cave," and "crack in the island." These two attractions ended up being underwhelming and laughable. For a beautiful nature walk head to Grand Ledge - west of Lansing - and check out the ledges the town is so named for. The Grand River courses through the middle of this park and has island in the center, one with a large gazebo. A train track crosses the river for a rustic view. Rock climbers do indeed climb these ledges, and if you are uncertain about their majesty take my word for it and take the trip.


If you are thinking about a getaway...

Considering a romantic retreat? This cozy bead and breakfast is located in Plymouth. The house is historical in the Victorian and Neo-Gothic styles. Enjoy the feel and benefits of a b&b without having to travel several hours to get there. The owner's keep their dog on the premises so be prepared to pet a pooch.
For many people in Metro Detroit, Windsor is less than an hour away. If you have an enhanced license or passport, hop the border for a new skew on your state. Walk along the Detroit River for a beautiful view of the city, have breakfast or dinner on the water, shop the downtown area, or go to the casino. Crossing the border is hassle-free and there is a lot of free parking. They even take American money in Windsor so don't worry about exchanging it!
Not far from home you can enter a whole new world. The town of Frankenmuth has everything from shopping and sights, to food and events. Stay in one of the historical hotels or just outside for a money-saving tip. Frankenmuth has a lot to offer for either a family getaway or romantic retreat. Plan your trip ahead of time and check out their list of events on the website, or take a spontaneous journey and be pleasantly surprised.



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