Why We Love HUD Homes

5 Reasons Why We Love HUD Homes!

When people hear the words "HUD Home" they often think it means that the home is linked to a program for which they must qualify.  Good news, not true!  The process for purchasing a HUD Home is much simpler than that!  Let's look at some important reasons to love HUD Homes! 

HUD Home =  a home that is being offered for sale by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

What makes them so great?

1. VALUE - Before a HUD Home ever reaches the market, it is thoroughly appraised and then listed at fair market value.  You can be sure that HUD Homes are listed at a price that is competitive with others homes in it's market.

2. VARIETY - HUD Homes come in all shapes and sizes...all price ranges...and all conditions!  Whether you are looking for a home that is in move in condition or if you're a handyman at heart, there is a HUD Home that is right for you.

3. TRANSPARENCY - The bidding process for HUD Homes is designed with total fairness in mind to all homebuyers.  Sealed bids are sent electronically to HUDHomestore.com.  At the end of the bidding period, all bids are opened at once.  The bid with the highest net to HUD is chosen, and there is no bias for financing type!  A financed offer is equal to a cash offer in this case!

4. HUDHOMESTORE.COM - An awesome tool for real estate professionals and the public alike to search for HUD Homes throughout the country and in their neighborhood.  All details, bid deadlines, and disclosures for the home are provided right online and the search engine is very user friendly.

5. EDUCATED LISTING AGENTS - Real estate professionals who are chosen to list HUD Homes in their area are the most highly educated in their industry.  They are required to stay on top of the latest updates to the HUD Home buying process, and to educate their fellow agents and the public about HUD Homes.  Inside Realty has the honor of listing HUD Homes throughout Southeast Michigan, and we would be happy to give you all the answers you are looking for when you find a HUD Home.

Please contact our office any time, open 7 days a week, at 248-758-0022.

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