Landscaping for Everyone!

Gardening And Landscaping For Everyone To Try

Feeling inspired by the picture perfect landscapes in your neighborhood?  You can bring the beauty and goodness of flowers, fruits, and vegetables to your home, too! 
To begin - Make a Plan! 

The best way to move forward is to put your ideas in writing.  Make a list of your landscaping needs and wants.
Ideas to consider:
Vegetable Garden
Spend a day or so watching the path of light that the sun makes as it passes through your yard, then familiarize yourself with which plants like full sun and which prefer partial shade. 
Watch your wind and rain directions and patterns and plant with these in mind, too.
Remember, there is no need to feel overwhelmed, and mature landscapes are accomplished over many years.  Start out with a small area, if you don’t like what you've planted, you can change it right away, or just change it next spring.

The best thing to remember is to try something new. Be creative, and don’t worry too much, because it can always be changed.

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