Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Nowadays, saving energy is no longer just a nice idea, it is an important skill for homeowners. Saving energy is saving money, plain and simple!  

We could all use some great energy saving ideas!  Hopefully you will find a few here that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.  Small changes can add up to big savings!

·        Install energy efficient appliances.

·        Install energy efficient light bulbs throughout your home.

·        Recycle

·        Insulate ceilings and attics, don't forget to ask for tax credits, if applicable.

·        Caulk windows and doors.

·        Caulk anywhere there is an air leak.

·        Wrap heating and cooling ducts with duct wrap.

·        Install energy saver showerheads.

·        Set your furnace thermostat to 68 degrees or lower.

·        Set your air conditioner thermostat to 78 degrees or higher.

·        Install a new energy efficient furnace and air conditioner.

·        Replace old windows with new windows.

·        Replace furnace and air conditioner filters on a regular basis.

·        Set the water heater thermostat to 140 degrees if you have a dishwasher. If you do not have a dishwasher, set it at 120 degrees.

·        Fix all plumbing and faucet drips as soon as they start.

·        Only wash full loads in dishwasher and washer.

·        Install shades or curtains on south and west windows in the summer.

·        Open shades and curtains in the winter on sunny days to warm up your rooms.


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