Feeling Snowbound? Top 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

10) Make snow people (or snow dinosaurs) with your kids, relatives, or friends!
Pro tip: building snow dinos will give you an opportunity to sneak in learning with fun!

9) Drink hot cocoa and snuggle up. Use the excuse of cold weather to make cocoa with a loved one (or five), then indulge in a movie you've been meaning to watch, read a book, or go through a photo album. 

8)  Take a community class. The winter can be long and dreary in the mitten if you let it - brighten up this time of year and take advantage of the slowed pace. Take a class offered by your city or town. Community classes are usually very affordable and offer a chance to get out during the dark days. Consider enrolling with your significant other, or a child. 

7) See the Huckleberry Rail Road. If you live in the area, check out Crossroads Village in Flint. It's home to the railroad, old time shops, a carousel, and fun activities for the family. 
 Around Christmas the whole village is lit up with lights!

6) Make a home movie. Dig out some toys and play with your kids, friends, or family. Write a script together, then act it out! Set up a home recorder (or smart phone) and record the movie. Years down the road this will be a great memory!

5) Host a dinner party. Get all the people together that you love (and don't always have time to pencil in) and invite them for a dinner party. It can be formal, or not. Let each guest bring a dish to make the night less stressful, and plan a night of board games, movies, or cards for after.

4) Make snow slushies. Get clean snow, put it in a cup, and add a favorite drink! 

3) Go to a museum. The Metro Detroit area has a bunch of wonderful museums. The DIA, Cranbrook, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Wayne State Planetarium, and many more! If you have a child, nephew, or niece, consider the Michigan Science Center in downtown Detroit on John R. It has a lot of interactive learning for kids!

2) Go on a family vacation nearby. For a fun getaway for any family try the Avalanche Bay at Boyne Mountain, Great Bear Lodge, or Great Wolf Lodge.

1) Plan a library day. Take the time to catch up on work, homework, or reading. Let the kids run around in the play area-if available. Otherwise take the child(ren) to the kids section and let them look through books and videos. See if there is a class or presentation coming up. 

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