Our Neighborhoods - Oak Park

Oak Park's citizens recently participated in a Vision Program and outlined what they'd like the future of their city to be.  

They found that Oak Park is truly a city of opportunities!  Centrally located with great recreational opportunities, Oak Park's combination of stable neighborhoods and affordable housing make it very attractive to young family's and first time home buyers. The diversity of the people of Oak Park give the city a vibrant cultural heritage.

Watch for many awesome events this season:

  • Expansion of the OPA! Art Fair 
 Oak Park Art Fair

  • Detroit Institute of Arts’ Inside/Out program this summer. 

  • The Ethnic Advisory Commission’s World Day of Dance

  • Friends of the Library free programs, including the Michigan Opera Theater Youth Choir 

A vibrant city with attractive home prices.  If you're looking for homes in Oak Park, please let us know and we will help you find your dream home.

Or call, seven days a week, 248-758-0022!  

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