HUD Buying Seminars

HUD Homebuyers Seminar
Are you a first-time homebuyer?


Good News!  The foreclosure rate is the lowest it's been since the housing crisis began and lenders are feeling positive about lending again.  So the question is, if the right home happens to come along, will you be ready to make your move??? 

   Approximately 70 percent of the calls my office receives each day are from people just like you, first-time homebuyers who finally have a chance at homeownership now that market conditions are right.  Purchasing your first home can be intimidating, but if you are armed with the right information, you will navigate your buying experience with ease. 


Of course, all homebuyers have questions, one of the most common that we receive is simply, "What is a HUD Home?"  There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the word "HUD".  So to clarify, a HUD Home is a property that is being offered for sale by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  But that's just the quick answer.  The more detailed answer would have to cover ALL the aspects that make a HUD Home an owner occupant's best friend!  The HUD Home sale and bidding process is designed to get owner occupants into homes.  It can really work in your favor.


If you are interested in buying a home and are just not sure where to start, I would be honored if you could join one of our HUD Homebuyer Seminars.  My team is very experienced in HUD Home sales and we are always looking for new ways to connect with homebuyers.


Take your first steps now.  Get involved.  Drop into our class for an hour or so.  Get any home buying questions you have answered now and so that you know exactly where you stand in terms of home ownership.  I bet it's closer than you think !!!


Our seminars are scheduled on Saturdays in our office, but we can also accommodate your schedule.  Please call us for more information at 248-758-0022. 

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