About Inside Realty - Mission Statement

At Inside Realty we know that buying or selling a home is an important decision. For many of us, it is one of the most important that we will make in our lives. Let our team of dedicated professionals help you through every step of the process.

Here at Inside Realty, we are more than just a real estate agency. We make lasting relationships, and help our clients, and community. We have a history of excellence, and the credentials to prove it. We always strive for improvement and quality. At Inside Realty our motto is "our client's satisfaction is our #1 priority."

"We always go the extra mile."
     -Evduza Ramaj, owner

Inside Realty is a full-service real estate company specializing in the sale, purchase, and marketing of commercial and residential properties in Michigan. We have been serving the tri-county metropolitan area for almost a decade.
Here at Inside Realty we also specialize in the purchase and sales of HUD homes. We are your premier source of HUD listings, and information.

To better serve all of our clients--both buyers and sellers--at Inside Realty we employ a diverse set of tools that help us reach a large audience of buyers and sellers. We utilize all of the latest technology in and outside of our offices, and also use all of the latest social networking sites to broaden our reach to clients, and help keep people informed. At Inside Realty we do more than sell a home, we market your home. We always update our website, social sites, and advertise in multiple print periodicals across multiple counties and cities.
Our company is comprised of 13 agents who have the experience and knowledge to get any job done, and satisfy all clients. We also have a support staff who do market research, marketing, and communications.

Did you know that at Inside Realty we give not only our buyers and sellers, but outside agents satisfaction surveys so they can give us feed back and tell us about their experience with us?
According to those surveys, Inside Realty has a 98% rating of "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with our customers.

Did you know that according to J.D. Power and Associates, home buyer satisfaction with national real estate companies is currently at its lowest point since 2008?
     - DSnews.com August, 2012

This is an actual completed buyer survey!


At Inside Realty we are always looking for ways to serve you. We look forward to hearing from you, and providing you with excellent assistance.
Contact us to set up an appointment, or for a free HUD photo list. Our hours are 7 days a week:
 Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm
Sundays 9am-5pm

     -The team at Inside Realty
      (248) 758-0022

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