Buying New Vs. Old Homes

Buying New Vs. Old Homes

Pros For Buying A New Home:
Low maintenance, convenient layouts, standard appliances, energy efficient, up to code, never been used, less expensive.

Pros For Buying An Old Home:
Great structure since they have been around so long, bigger yards, more uniqueness, neighbors are probably long term and haven't just moved in, if neighbors have just moved in, they plan to be there for a long time, established neighborhood, and mature trees.

Cons For Buying A New Home:
Similar floor plans, not unique, immature trees which means little or no shade, houses will need to settle, newer neighborhood, and smaller yards.

Cons Of Buying An Old Home:
More maintenance, probably will have to replace wiring and plumbing, smaller closets, less storage space, smaller garages or no garages, requires updating certain areas, and smaller homes.

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