Moving With Pets

Moving With Pets

1.    Make a moving schedule so that you can work around their times that are needed to eat and take walks.

2.    Before buying or renting anywhere, make sure that the area, even a home, is pet friendly.

3.    Board your animal for the moving day so that you know they won’t be in the way and they are being cared for. If you don’t want to board them, maybe you could ask a friend or family member to take care of them as long as they are not helping you move.

4.    Make sure that if you are moving far away, you either have airline accommodations set up for your animal or if you are driving, you have chew toys and treats for them to have something to entertain them during the drive.
5.    Make sure you are giving your pet attention during this time because it is as stressful on them as it is on you sometimes.

6.    Once in your new home, bring items that would be familiar to your animal so that they can feel at home as soon as possible and be less stressed.

7.    Take time to give your pet attention before, during, and after unpacking so they know that they are loved.

8.    Update the ID tags if they have them to represent the new address.

9.    Make sure your outside pets cannot escape if you leave them out in the yard by themselves.

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