Seven Ways To Transform Rooms

Seven Ways To Transform Rooms

1.       A bedroom that is too small to you could be perfect for an extra closet or another bathroom.

a.       Get a couch for when someone stays that isn’t there on a day to day basis.

b.      Open up the wall to make a different room even bigger.

2.       Too big of a hallway or space under your stairs? Use it for a place to store more things. Even areas in each of your rooms that isn’t already used and is just there could be converted to a space for more storage.

3.       If you do not use your dining room, or if you have a dining room and a formal dining room, turn one into an office. When are you ever going to use both a dining room and a formal dining room at the same time? Wouldn’t an office be more efficient and effective? If you don’t want an office, make it into a playroom for your kids or a small gym for yourself.

4.       Breakfast nooks that are not used are wasted spaces. Put a small desk in the space and use it to pay bills or have your computer on for the whole family to use.

5.       Great rooms are barely ever used by anyone. If you have one and don’t know what to do with it, change it into a playroom or another room that you or your family will use. Again, a great room could be half of a playroom for little ones and then half a gym for the older ones in the family.

6.       Basements that are half finished and half unfinished could even be the laundry room on one side as well, can be turned into many things. Put a small half bath in to take up some space and put in a little more value to your home. Have it become a mudroom instead. Have a combination of many things so that the space can be used.

7.       Another great thing to turn any space that you or your family doesn’t use into something… Turn it into a library if you like books. Or a small movie theater! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

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